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Feel Good By Doing Good


Americans Trash

30 Billion Pounds of Materials Trashed

of clothes, shoes, accessories and books thrown into landfills and incinerators in 2013

80 pounds of clothing per year per person

95% of this total can be reused and recycled (75% reusable, 20% recyclable)

More than 75% of these materials are wasted

It’s incinerated or buried in landfills across the country

Making Reuse & Recycling Easy

Keeping reusable materials from being buried alive

A Winning Way to Reduce Waste

Recycle.how makes recycling clothes, shoes, accessories, and books easy by picking them up from your door.

  • Environment Wins – less waste being needlessly burned or buried
  • Towns Win – reduced trash disposal costs
  • People Win – feel great about your items being used again
  • Causes Win – proceeds shared with our non-profit partners
  • Jobs Win – More recycling creates more jobs

We make it easy to
reuse and recycle

Clothes and Accessories


Your old clothes and accessories can live on

Used Shoes


Give your unwanted shoes a good home

Used Books

Used Books

Discarded books are a gold mine for readers

Start Making a Difference

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